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Welcome back to this week’s edition of our #HomeImprovements blog!

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Choosing the style of your conservatory is an important decision and one that you need to consider carefully.

Last time out we covered the Lean-To conservatory. The perfect design is you’re looking for a more simplistic conservatory design. However, if you are looking for a slightly grander structure that allows you to maximise space and internal light then an Edwardian may be just right for you.


Before we discuss the benefits and features of the Edwardian conservatory…. let’s have a quick history lesson. The name of this style refers to the Edwardian architectural period, named after King Edward VII. Although King Edward VII’s reign was rather short (1901 to 1911), he did usher in a transition when it came to style in architecture and one of this period’s lasting legacies is its take on the conservatory.


The main focus of the Edwardian style is lightness and airiness, as opposed to a Victorian, which focuses more on shape. The flat front represents a perfect marriage of form and function. Each side of the roof slopes back to the centre and the resulting contemporary style is suited to the majority or properties.

The Edwardian is based around a square or rectangular shape and aims to maximise your view of your surroundings. As with all conservatories and orangeries, the Edwardian is tailor made to your needs and wishes. However, most consist of a dwarf wall with the glazed frames and roof constructed on top.


So, what are the benefits?

The main benefit is the maximisation of space. The conservatory shape and pitched roof give a feel of internal space, light and airiness. This allows you to maximise the space and leave no space wasted. 

The pitched glass roof and resulting vaulted ceiling let in more light. The natural light and airy feel allows you to bring the outside in, so you feel you are relaxing in your garden whilst staying sheltered from the unpredictable British weather.

An eye for design

All our frames come in a   W  I  D  E    variety of colours allowing you to compliment your property as much as possible.

Outside of a white framed conservatory

Simple Yet Spacious

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There are a range of different conservatory styles and each style can be design to compliment your home. The simplest design is the Lean-To.

The lean-to design is the easiest to incorporate with both 2 story and 1 story properties. For properties with little room under the eaves or for those homeowners that prefer the clean and simple look, the lean-to design is the ideal choice. The pitch of the roof can be varied making this a versatile and ever-popular option.

The conservatory began life as a place for potting and preserving tender plant life. They were originally outbuildings to country houses and stately homes, and very much the domain of the gardener.

With the improvement of the technology in the glass, frames and roofs the conservatory can now be used as a year-round room.

As with all our conservatories, the lean-to can be tailor made and designed to suit your needs. The roof can either be glazed with the most up to date roof glass, giving you maximum natural, or even with a light-weight tiled roof, which can give you more use out of your conservatory.

The standard lean-to design will have a dwarf wall with frames on top and either cladded or glazed wedges. If you wish for full height frames, this can also be done but, as with all structures…the more brick work means the more usage you will get out of your conservatory.

To compliment your property, our conservatory roof bars and frames are available in a wide range of colours and we can add plastering, electrics and even plumbing to suit your conservatory needs.

We Are Norfolk’s Only Approved Ultra Installer

We are proud to call ourselves Norfolk’s only approved Ultra Installer! Taverham Conservatories use the Ultraframe roof system for all our conservatories. Ultraframe have witnessed our fitters construct their product and have passed them off as qualified Ultra Installers.


All Ultraframe roofs are engineered to withstand the extremes of the UK climate and are approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) to last at least 25 years. They were the first European system to have passed the USA’s BOCA regime, the toughest testing and building standards in the world. These tests needs to be so demanding because of the extreme nature of American climate conditions.